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United Arab Emirates

assalmalikum.... I want to know that weather ladies can go to qabristan...they can read fateha on there relatives qabr i know its not allowed by hanfi maslak...but here in dubai some local people are doing this, and looking this indians are also doing like i want to know a strong hadees or prefably if there is any thing in quran regarding teach this type of people. can u send me complete detail regarding on this matter. shukran

Answer : 718

Published on: Jul 10, 2007

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Fatwa: 309=306/M)


Women are prohibited to go to graveyard for weeping and refreshing the grief, whether old or young. Yet, old women can visit the graves of pious people with the intention of gaining blessing and lesson, but it is better for them to avoid it. However, the young women are categorically disallowed. They should do isaal-e-sawab (delivering the rewards of virtues and good deeds) for their near and dear ones staying in their homes:

ولاباس بزیارة القبور ولو للنساء لحدیث کنت نہیتکم عن زیارة القبور الا فزورو ھا قولہ :ولو للنساء وقیل تحرم علیھن والا صح ان الرخصة ثابتة لہن, بحر وجزم فی شرح المنیة بالکراہة کمامر فی اتباعہن الجنازة وقال الخیر الر ملی ان کان ذلک لتجدید الحزن والبکاء والندب علی واجرت بہ غارتھن فلا تجوز وعلیہ حمل حدیث لعن اللہ زائر ات القبور وان کان للاعتبار و الترحم من غیر بکاء والتبرک بزیارة قبور الصالحین فلا باس اذا کن عجائز و یکرہ اذاکن شواب کحضور الجماعة فی المساجد (درمختار مع الشامی ۳/۱۵۰،۱۵۱)

Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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