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Sir , i m pursuing M B A and i want set up my own business but i have no sufficient capital for thi purpose i want to take loan is it right, and my father have a business they have a lot debtor they are not returning the my amount what will we do?

Answer : 12293

Published on: May 5, 2009

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Fatwa: 689/689=M/1430)


In taking loan, one has to give interest. As taking interest in unlawful and haram, giving interest without any severe compulsion is also unlawful. Those who deal in interest based transactions have been cursed. Therefore, you should not take loan for business. If you really need money, try to get it from any non-interest sources, in-shaAllah you will get it. Those who owe debts to your father give them some time to repay if they are not in a position to pay it immediately. You shall get rewards from Allah for this act of kindness. Keep on demanding your debt in good manner. You can take your right forcefully from those who are delaying payment in spite of being able to pay.

Allah knows Best!

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

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